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1. Is there Minimum Order Requirement?
The answer is "No". OIS does not have any restriction on order size.
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2. Is there Shipping Charge?
Customer purchasing HKD 15,600 (USD 2,000) or above for one order will enjoy FREE shipping. Any order with total amount less than HKD 15,600(USD 2,000) will be charged HKD 500 (USD 65) for shipment handling.
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3. How do I pay?
We accepts payment via Visa, Master Card, PayPal and wire transfer. If you pay via wire transfer, our bank account is shown below:

Payable to:
IAD Jewellery Limited
Hang Seng Bank
Bank Address:
83 Des Voeux Road C., Central, Hong Kong
Bank Code:
Branch Code:
Swift Code:
024-388-483638-201 (for US Dollars)
024-388-483638-001 (for HK Dollars)
When our sales representative receives the payment in our Hong Kong office, we will immediately notify our customer through direct email.
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4. How do I know if my payment is successfully settled?
You can check the transaction history on Admin > Payment Record. All transaction records of payment are clearly listed. You can search specific transaction record based on date range.
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5. How do I know if I have any overdue payment?
You can check outstanding payment on Admin > Payment Record. All overdue items will be listed out clearly according to due date.
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6. Is there price variance between the price I see on the web and the price I pay?
Due to the variation of gold and stone price from the external market, IAD reserves the right to adjust the price of products within a +/- 5% difference.
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7. What is the total lead-time for an order?
The delivery time for in-stock items is between 3-5 days upon receipt of payment. For order-made items, the delivery time is between 14-21 working days, depending on the size of order.
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8. What if I want to repair or amend an item?
In receipt of an order, any damaged or unsatisfactory product can be returned directly to IAD’s Hong Kong office within 7 days. Our sales representatives will follow up on the alteration request by communicating with the customer directly.
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9. Who are the delivery couriers?
Our service providers include: Federal Express | Hong Kong Speed Post | Malca-Amit | Brinks.
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10. Can I choose my courier?
No. IAD reserves the right to choose the suitable courier to ship packages to different countries around the world.
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11. Can I cancel an order?
Once an order has been confirmed, cancellation is not accepted. Please contact your sales representative directly or call at +852 2971 2358 or +852 2971 2387.
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12. What is my credit terms and discount rate?
You can go to Admin > Account Settings. All your credit and discount information will be shown.
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13. How do I customize my account setting?
You can go to Admin > Account Settings to define your default setting, including: Stone Type, Gold Content, Currency, Shipping Address and the Name of Parcel Recipient.
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14. How can I change my login name and password?
You can go to Admin > Account Settings and click “Click to Change” button, which is next to login name and password to customize your own login name and/ or password.
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15. How to search?
See User Guide.
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